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Plastic Molding

  • china injection molding manufacturer tips

    Wednesday,07 November 2018 11:03

    Injection molding process, wherein the thermoplastic resin is injected into a mold, cooled and hardened in front of the machine. The end...

  • China Company Will Meet More Opportunities

    Wednesday,26 September 2018 15:16

  • The Impact Sino-US Trade War on China Plastics Manufacturing

    Wednesday,26 September 2018 10:43

    The U.S. Trade Representative will present a list of tariffs in 15 days. Come out of the list related to the direct impact of the in...

  • The key of Injection molding product design

    Wednesday,26 September 2018 15:20

    In order to obtain high quality injection molding products, we must fully consider the structural processability when designing the produc...

  • Plastic products flash

    Tuesday,05 June 2018 10:05

    Plastic products causes of flash flash , mostly in the mold closing position to score, such as: the parting surface, slide the slip positio...

  • short molding solutions

    Thursday,11 October 2018 17:01

    Plastic products short molding reasons and solutions 1,meaning: melt into the cavity after filling is not complete, resulting in lack of ...

  • ABS copper inserts cracking problem analysis

    Monday,05 November 2018 09:43

    ABS copper inserts cracking problem analysis Name: plastic parts Material: GP-22 ABS + high concentration black masterbatch Prob...

  • Plastics Material

    Tuesday,05 June 2018 10:25

    Product description: Custom injection molding plastics resin services - Use of a variety of plastic materials for rapid prototyping, too...

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