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Industrial Appliance

Industrial Appliance

Industrial Appliance

Plastics are used throughout the industry has a wide range of applications. Injection molded plastic parts
For today's industrial equipment provides two key factors, durable use and beautiful appearance. In CN-MOULNG, what we need to be prepared to meet these challenges.
First, we have knowledge of injection molding light, comminuted resin having high impact strength and toughness, can produce a quality part, will be exposed to wear in everyday industrial production. Then, we match custom colors and the whole section as well as many aspects of surface finish and gloss that will make the device an excellent consistency
Those who are watching. So, in your next injection molding project, our professional team of engineers ready to help you.

Precision and quantities of industrial plastic parts manufactured in the CN-MOULDING

CN-MOULDING specializes in high-quality, high-performance and reliable precision injection molding. Providing the highest quality standards and meet customer demand for industrial plastic parts. From the design to the partial delivery of our customer service and innovative manufacturing capabilities make us the various industrial injection your first choice. Our industries including aerospace, agricultural machinery, military and robotics manufacturing industry

Plastic injection molding solutions for every budget

Our advanced mold manufacturing industrial products and sophisticated process control coupled with first-class customer service, providing the highest quality plastic molded parts delivery time and most economical budget for all types of industrial customers. Our factory uses 100% CNC automatic injection molding machines, to provide a consistent rate of qualified products, clean working environment and reduce operating costs.

Compared to traditional Chinese injection molding manufacturer. We have developed proprietary software CPK quality management system to run our injection molding machines, the software allows us to make minute adjustments are made depending on the part of our guarantee batch of defective products. This allows us to manufacture parts with very tight tolerances quickly and efficiently while providing you with the lowest possible prices.

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