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In shanghai , China , when the new auto parts start building stage, we need to function in accordance with your product.
We have a wide range of highly efficient assembly solution for the various parts . And a good design is important at beginning, bad part design include out of tolerances and incorrect dimensions of difference components.
The entire project will fail. Let us help you evaluate your design and manufacture of plastic injection molds reasonable.
We understand that when it comes to the normal operation of the entire project, on time delivery is paramount. We provide the industry's fastest
Cycle, from development to injection mold plastic molded parts sample within 30 days, and most of the projects are completed within 45 days.
On your side with CNMOULDING professional mold making and injection molded products services, when you needed can be sure to have your parts. With our help, you will be one step ahead in the highly competitive automotive market.


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