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Screen printing injection molding plastic

Screen printing injection molding plastic

Product description: Injection Molding screen printing -called secondary processing is in china plastics injection molding company

Products introduction

Screen Printing Injection Molding in China

Printing plastic parts, plastic products, secondary mechanic (or reprocessing) one. The so-called secondary processing is in the plastics injection molding, once again decorative surface treatment, such as: plastic plating, plastic coating, plastic stamping, plastic printing and so on. So to secondary plastics processing, mainly by the performance of the plastic itself, the decision, such as dyeing it relatively simple, and the color of the light fastness is also poor. To compensate for these shortcomings, improving the appearance of decorative plastic products, on the need for secondary processing.

Plastic injection moding components of electronic products screen printing electronic products, especially radio products such as radios, tape recorders, televisions, etc., for the appearance of the requirements are high. After the plastic screen printing development for decoration brings the convenience of electronic products, so in recent years, a variety of electronic products, domestic plastic silkscreen been widely used.

Screen-printed plastic injection molding signs in china company recent years, after the plastic signs and plastic molding decorative silk screen graphic text components developed rapidly. As in PVC hard board (PVC plates), polycarbonate, ABS, acrylic, modified polystyrene plastic pieces were pressed on the screen printing, has been widely used, and achieved good decorative effect and economic Benefit

Soft and hard plastic injection molding parts screen printing

plastic hose of silk. There are several ways to print plastic hose, the main method of heat transfer method. A thermal transfer method is a sublimation dye ink or other material, the graphic printed on the transfer paper before and then bonded together with the substrate, the transfer sheet is heated from the back, so that the dye sublimation and the paper Graphic transferred onto substrates. After the surface treatment of plastic hose, a hose and a piece of transfer paper from between the heated iron by heating iron transfer paper into the hose, heated to complete the transfer. After the transfer tube into the drying apparatus, the drying temperature is generally about 65 .

soft plastic molding screen printing. Used for the production of soft plastic injection molded toys, such as inflatable cartoon toys. Usually the first on the soft plastic sheet printing pattern, then cut, the production of synthetic heat. The material thickness is 0.8 ~ 3.0mm. If the screen printing two or more colors, most plastics have a telescopic, second track error occurs chromatic color and the first color. This chromatic error commodity lost its value can not be qualified as shelves. To this end, multicolor printing can only be taken

Soft plastic can be fixed with a long presses and no other way. For long-Taiwan printing, adhesive substrates to use fixed. You must use non-toxic toys printing standards prescribed harmless ink.

rigid plastics molding printing. There are two types of hard rigid plastics sheet and a molded article. Tickets, signs, instrument dials, cosmetic containers are made of hard plastic.