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Injection mold maintenance and repair

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Injection mold maintenance and repair

pre-production mold maintenance:
1 must be on the surface of the mold of oil, rust clean, check the mold cooling water hole for any foreign body, the waterway is smooth.
2 mold fixed template screws and clamping clips are tightened;
3 mold mounted on the injection machine, empty mold operation, observe the operation of the movement is flexible, whether there is an abnormal phenomenon.

Production of mold maintenance
1 mold use, to maintain normal temperature, can not be suddenly hot and cold. Working at normal temperature, can extend the life of the mold.

2 Daily inspection of all the guide mold guide, guide sleeve, back needle, putter, slider, core and other damage, timely scrub, and regular maintenance of their fuel, to prevent the bitter biting dead.

3 Before clamping, pay attention to the cavity is clean, absolutely not allowed to leave residual products, or any other foreign matter, cleaning is strictly prohibited hard tools to prevent bruising the cavity surface.

4 cavity surface molds have special requirements, high-precision molds must not use hand wipe or cotton silk, the use of compressed air blowing, or use high-grade napkin and cotton wool gently wipe alcohol dipped.

5 regular cleaning mold parting surface and the exhaust groove of foreign body glue, foreign body, oil and so on.

6 regularly check the mold of the waterway is smooth, and all the fastening screws fastening.

7 Check the mold limit switch is abnormal, inclined pin

Downtime mold maintenance
1 operation to leave the need for a temporary shutdown, the mold should be closed on the cavity and the core shall not be exposed to prevent accidental damage, downtime more than 24 hours, to the cavity, the core surface spray anti-rust oil or off Mold agent. When the mold is used again, the oil on the mold should be removed and wiped clean before use. If there is a mirror surface, it is required to dry the compressed air and then dry it with hot air. Otherwise, the product may bleed out during molding to make the product defect.

2 temporary shutdown after boot, open the mold should be checked whether the slider limit movement, found no abnormalities to mold.

3 To prolong the service life of the cooling water channel, compressed air should be used to clear the

water in the cooling water channel immediately when the mold is disabled.

4 heard in the production mold abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions, should immediately stop checking.

5 When the mold to complete the production of products, the next machine, the mold cavity should be coated with anti-rust agent, the mold accessories sent to the mold maintenance staff, and with the last piece of the production of qualified products as a sample with the maintenance member.

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