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CNMOULDING-injection mold company

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CNMOULDING offer plastic injection molding service and specializes in various plastic moulds for. automotive, home appliances, electronics ,as well as general industrial OEM applications. Our company covers an area of more than 2000 square meters workshop, surrounded with convenient  transportation . At present, our group reaches to more than 100 employee and capital assets to more than 8 million RMB. Our capacity is 40-50 sets mould per month.

CNMOULDING’s mission is to be professional, trustworthy and creative toolmaker and injection molding supplier, We always keep Layout at the top level, introduce modernized management system, Go in for zero default. Make sure quality and techniques in the highest way. Therefore, We dedicate to make innovation and progress continually to be your better partner. enhance our technology and accumulate experience in mold building ,injection molding, print and paint  ,etc.

1,We provide direct factory price and make cost transparent.

As you know there are more than 5000 trading companies in China, but Some of them concealed their property very well, It is hard to tell for a foreigner. normally they will take profit 30%.so we show the detail cost in our website, Most traders can’t quote the price with this level. but these price are normal price for us and have proper profit.

2,We focus on providing one stop service for small and medium size company.

We are a middle size mold making and injection molding company, it is also one reason for good price. We don’t need to pay for the huge administration fee compare to big factory. We got ISO9001-2008 certificate, it insure our quality same as big factory. As everyone know china mold is much cheaper than USA or Europe but injection molding will be more expensive, because the resin price in China is 50% higher or double. But if you only produce 1,000-50,000 pcs. then China will have big advantage. Moreover we can make print, paint and assembly in house.it also save a lot!

3,Our Sales Manager have rich experience in engineering.

Most of company will arrange sales girls to contact customer, they are lack of mold knowledge ,just transfer e-mail and said some holiday words but will get good commission(3-5% total price, of course the cost will be calculated in their quotation).our Sales Manager will handle the job for both sales manager and project manager. It will make sure our professional service get through the whole process and the communication is more efficient.

Mold design:

The high quality mold is the core business of CNMOULDING.we have 10 special mold designers, who have rich experience in resin Character and mold structure. and take each case seriously ,before designing start, our designer will run Mold Flow Analysis and attend a technical meet for each mold with tool shop and injection shop. to avoid potential manufacture problem and trouble shoot. all of this is the strong guarantee of our high quality and short lead time,our Service include: Product Design, Appearance Design, Structure Design, Mold Design (2D & 3D), DFM (Design for Manufacturability), Mold Flow Analysis

Project Management:

Project management is the key to the success and quality of the products ,All our Project Engineer not only has rich knowledge in tooling and injection molding ,but also speak good english.The project engineers will be responsible to follow up tooling process and timely report to the customer on any issues and progress of the project he is handling.

All we do want is to provide:1,On Time Delivery2,Assuring customer’s project is produced to customer’s standards and requests3,Anything communicated in a timely and clear way4,Complete project management and support from concept to final part inspection and approval.

Mold Standard:

Mold Steel: ASSAB(Sweden), DAIDO(Japan),FINKL(America),AUBERT & DUVAL(France), Thyssen(Germany), LKM (China)




Texture: VDI 3400,Mold-tech, Yick Sang, Tanazawa etc

Software:Pro/Engineer,Solidworks,AutoCAD,Moldflow, Unigraphics, CATIA, MasterCAM

Mold making in-house :

Our Mold shop is well equiped with advance machines,such as High speed CNC mchines,Slow wire cut machines,Mirror EDM machines,they are all imported from Taiwan,Switzerland or Janpan.they will make sure the mold are manufacture in high precision and good finish.moreover all process in house will ensure the short lead time of mold making,our shop have 30 skilled toolmakers,most of them have more than 10 years experiece in mold making,they are familiar with all machining process,cost of each step and potential trouble shot for mold.I think they are biggest treasure of our company,their experience and hardwork will be the guaranttee to high quality mold with resonable price.

The concept of plastic injection molding

Plastic Injection molding is used to produce many things such as wire spools, package and bowle,bottle caps, automotive parts, toys, optics, some musical instruments (and parts of them), one-piece chairs and small tables, storage containers, mechanical parts (including gears), and most other plastic products available today. Injection molding is the most common modern method of manufacturing parts; it is ideal for producing high volumes of the same object.

Injection molding uses a ram or screw-type plunger to force molten plastic material into a mold cavity; this solidifies into a shape that has conformed to the contour of the mold.

Our injection shop:

CNMOULDING is one of the famous plastic injection molding companies in China. Our injection molding shop equipped 20 sets of high precison injection molding machines, range from 50ton to 650 ton, they are most import from Taiwan or Japan,our injection shop run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week automatically production services.

We are experienced with various plastic product for automotive, medication, lighting, sport equipment, home appliance, and agriculture. credited a ISO9001-2008 certificate since 2004,also have 5 IPQC person watch the production and check the quality within 24 hours,it make sure our production keep a stable quality, in the past 15 years,our company already win a good reputation with stable quality and resonable price.keep a good business relationship with 50 customer,especially from USA and Europe

In order to produce save costs and time in the process of plastic injection molding and improve production efficiency of injection mold, mold manufacturers increasing use of new materials and new technologies, and these new materials and new technologies in a certain extent, represent plastic injection mold manufacturing a new trend.

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