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About Us

CN-MOULDING Mold & Plastics is a Chinese Plastic Injection Molding Company, providing custom molded, precision mold making and rapid prototype components to all industries. Together with industry advanced technology and a experience trained engineering team . we are trust to meet all your injection mold manufacturing and plastic needs.

Precision mold making can be produced from a variety of metals such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and many more. We always keep Layout at the top, push modernized management system in china mold maker. Ways and means to ensure high quality. Therefore, we are committed to explore new areas, continue to make innovations and progress of China is a professional mold manufacturer targets. In evolving the existing infrastructure, in order to enhance the level of our mold design and mold manufacturing and injection mold company in China to provide affordable high-quality mold .

If the number of plastic components for each project over 10, we recommend that you use our injection molding process. Our high-quality mold manufacturing, advanced equipment and improve internal processes to make us different from other Chinese manufacturers. With these three components, we are able to offer the fastest delivery, best prices and excellent quality. The fastest molding projects within 3-5 days shipping time .

Our rapid prototyping and plastic thermoforming services, that we can create for you in small quantities, functional and accurate model of a large plastic products or prototyping , it is in your hands in just 5-7 days. Plastic vacuum thermforming process applies to the number is usually less than a few hundred pieces, few rapid prototyping parts fit and function of pre-production. Our professional CAD designers in addition to the general reading of the most original file format. Steps and. IGES format, most systems can be used.
Contact us and we hope to build a relationship and become your primary Custom components supplier.

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